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The Boat Box

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Manufactured by Bridge Microphones.


Tough hard wearing black ABS water proof box with water tight connectors and volume control, to IP65.


Light weight fully adjustable headband and microphone.


Supplied with two water resistant full range light weight loudspeakers. Wiring looms or instructions can be supplied for use with more or less speakers, 2 suggested for Eights use a single for Fours


Kit comprises a mains charger. Charge times vary depending on usage but 12 hours should suffice.

Transit case;

Blue ABS high impact case protects the amplifier and microphone whilst providing a storage place for the charger.


A single charge lasts 5 hours plus, radio communication from bank to boat will be available soon,
UK built, easy to order and have repaired.


£199.00 + P&P + VAT

Available from;

Bridge Microphones
172 Wadsley Lane
S6 4EE

Mobile +44 7774 782 503