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Bridge Microphones undertakes design of specific customer microphone requirements. These may be simple microphones for signal monitoring or high precision units for reference purposes. Quantities may be small for a single project or samples or a full production run may be undertaken (see below).


Bridge Microphones has the capacity to provide any customer with a constant scheduled production run of microphones. The run may start from a drawing leaving the entire sourcing and product manufacture and testing to Bridge Microphones. An in-house acoustic test facility allows accurate calibration of every microphone in production. This may be supplied with the unit or held on disk as a production check.

Products available

Bridge Microphones has several generic designs in production which may be purchased either in their original format or altered to produce a unique product for a customer. Due to the nature of Bridge Microphones business, most design remain the property of the commissioning company.
Two available products are, an inexpensive noise monitoring microphone which has a superb frequency response and low noise floor and the other a high quality preamplifier for industry standard prepolarised half inch microphones. Both these items are phantom power devices intended for the audio industry but may be easily altered to permit use with any other dedicated piece of equipment.

1/4" reference microphone BMR14

Single gang surface microphone PHMK

Communications system for Rowing boats, Cox to Crew microphone/speaker systems, The Boat Box

If you have any questions about Bridge Microphones or any of our products,
please contact David Anderson
, E-Mail: david@bridgemics.co.uk

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