Sheffield Town Hall
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Bridge Microphones was asked to design and install a new multi-purpose sound system for Sheffield's Town Hall reception suite and Lord Mayor's parlour.



Multi Function reception rooms



The Reception consists of 3 rooms. Two main rooms (one shown left) plus the Lord Mayor's Parlour


The three rooms can be joined together to form one large room. (The removable room divide can be seen at the rear of this picture and partly open in the picture above)

  Along with being delicate, the ceiling is Listed and could not be altered in any way. To keep the traditional  feel of the rooms, no speakers were to be visible.

  Location of the mixing equipment would never be perfect as two of the rooms would never be visible to the engineer. There was however a minstrel gallery with a convenient alcove which would house the equipment both securely and in such a way that some visual contact could be made with at least one room.

  Above the mixing desk there is a jack field and main amplifier racks.

  A 16 channel mixing desk with 3 sub groups, one for each room, allowed independent or combined operation.

  The inter-connection jack field is clearly marked for both input location and desk channel

  The building is listed from top to bottom. The original oak flooring was lifted by specialist craftsmen to conceal 3500m of microphone cables connecting more than 50 input connectors.

  The volume above he ceiling gave plenty of room to locate speakers and FM aerial for the system tuner.

  The old air ventilation grills in the ceiling formed suitable speaker locations.

  Each speaker, 4 per room, was secured above the ceiling but directed to give an even coverage.





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